Peter Pan Cookies



When I received an inquiry for Peter Pan/pirate theme cookies, I was thrilled! I immediately started sketching the treasure chest and the hook. I went back and forth with the crocs, but eventually settled here.

These were such fun to make, especially the treasure chests!


Monogram Cookies for a Sweet Baby Shower

IMG_6059 IMG_6056 IMG_6061

When my client sent me an image from Sweet Sugarbelle’s blog and said that she wanted those specific cookies I said..sure! Sweet Sugarbelle is an incredible cookie artist, so it was with no small amount of intimidation that I approached these cookies. I bought the rose cutter from Whisked Away Cutters and set out to plan how I could make the monogram rounds as close to the originals as possible.

She also asked for a particular color palette, swatches included! I enjoyed mixing these beautiful purples and turquoise.

I hope y’all enjoyed them, Stephanie!


More hearts, new designs


Love is always in season.

A good friend wanted to send a few cookies to her sick mother in law, so I thought I would go ahead and experiment. I wanted to use fuchsia and red (one of my fave color combos) and I also wanted to try brush embroidery.

Well, the fuchsia turned into purple and I didn’t have quite the right brush for the brush embroidery. But we marched forward and I think we made a pretty good set!

The “nude” color was left over from a custom order for, shall we say, male parts. But as I looked at the purple I thought the nude would make such a nice backdrop for the saturated color. The nude brush embroidery hearts remind me of fish net pantyhose with a delicate, lacy design.

The animal print happened courtesy of a tutorial by SweetAmbs.

If you are interested in any of these designs, we can make them with any color combination.




Hearts are always in season.

Need to say thank you? I love you? I like you? Just need to eat some darn cookies? Grab a set of these sweet little hearts for a special price of $12 for 5 hearts. (These cookies would normally cost from $3-$3.75 a piece.) It’s a great way to try my cookies without the commitment and wait time of a custom order!


Owls and My Fall Colors


I just had to buy this cookie cutter from Whisked Away Cutters that was designed by Sweet Sugarbelle. She made these owls with it. (Thanks for the design inspiration!) I’ve had visions of Fall colors swirling in my head, though not the typical reds and oranges.


I saw rich jewel tone turquoise and saturated golden yellow with a little touch of coral. And so I do what one does, and made a cookie.


Waiting for wings

I can make these in any color combo. Custom is in my business name after all!