Monogram Cookies for a Sweet Baby Shower

IMG_6059 IMG_6056 IMG_6061

When my client sent me an image from Sweet Sugarbelle’s blog and said that she wanted those specific cookies I said..sure! Sweet Sugarbelle is an incredible cookie artist, so it was with no small amount of intimidation that I approached these cookies. I bought the rose cutter from Whisked Away Cutters and set out to plan how I could make the monogram rounds as close to the originals as possible.

She also asked for a particular color palette, swatches included! I enjoyed mixing these beautiful purples and turquoise.

I hope y’all enjoyed them, Stephanie!


More hearts, new designs


Love is always in season.

A good friend wanted to send a few cookies to her sick mother in law, so I thought I would go ahead and experiment. I wanted to use fuchsia and red (one of my fave color combos) and I also wanted to try brush embroidery.

Well, the fuchsia turned into purple and I didn’t have quite the right brush for the brush embroidery. But we marched forward and I think we made a pretty good set!

The “nude” color was left over from a custom order for, shall we say, male parts. But as I looked at the purple I thought the nude would make such a nice backdrop for the saturated color. The nude brush embroidery hearts remind me of fish net pantyhose with a delicate, lacy design.

The animal print happened courtesy of a tutorial by SweetAmbs.

If you are interested in any of these designs, we can make them with any color combination.




Hearts are always in season.

Need to say thank you? I love you? I like you? Just need to eat some darn cookies? Grab a set of these sweet little hearts for a special price of $12 for 5 hearts. (These cookies would normally cost from $3-$3.75 a piece.) It’s a great way to try my cookies without the commitment and wait time of a custom order!


Gymnast Girl Cookies


Pink, purple, and turquoise…doesn’t get much more girly than that!

I made these for my friend’s daughter’s 6th birthday. They were inspired by the stick figure gymnast cookies that Life’s a Batch made. (I couldn’t find them on her blog to link to the pic, but they were cute–trust me.)

I made royal icing transfers for the body and head, then applied them to the wet icing. Everything else (hair, arms and legs) were piped on after.

I hope you like them, Sydney! Happy birthday!