Russian Dolls, a line-up of cute


I mean, who doesn’t love a nesting doll?

I love a good Matryoshka doll set. AND they nest? I’m not really sure what more you could want in a toy. My mother-in-law has the cutest set ever and while we were visiting her recently, my little pookies could NOT get enough. They really went crazy for “Teeny Weeny” who, as my MIL’s story goes, is always crying for her mommy.

They can relate.

I was trying to work out how to get a good circle for the faces. (Anyone out there who can free-hand a circle?) So I grabbed my #whatever piping tip for the smaller dolls. Remember when we talked about improvising? I iced them, then filled in the circles after the outer layer was dry. For the larger dolls, I used a Wilton gel color lid.


For the Teeny Weenies, I did the opposite and piped the face circle first. I didn’t have a circle impression small enough, but a dot that small kind of takes care of itself. After the face was dry, I filled out the rest. (They are so cute and about 1.5 inches tall!)