Giraffe Cookies

Sweet little giraffe cookies for a 4 year old birthday

Sweet little giraffe cookies for a 4 year old birthday


I Love the 80s!



These were for birthday girl turning 40! I can relate…I had mine in October. We are children of the 80s for sure. When I was thinking of a fun 80s style font, the old school computer font came to mind. Happy birthday, Kerri!


Peter Pan Cookies



When I received an inquiry for Peter Pan/pirate theme cookies, I was thrilled! I immediately started sketching the treasure chest and the hook. I went back and forth with the crocs, but eventually settled here.

These were such fun to make, especially the treasure chests!


Gymnast Girl Cookies


Pink, purple, and turquoise…doesn’t get much more girly than that!

I made these for my friend’s daughter’s 6th birthday. They were inspired by the stick figure gymnast cookies that Life’s a Batch made. (I couldn’t find them on her blog to link to the pic, but they were cute–trust me.)

I made royal icing transfers for the body and head, then applied them to the wet icing. Everything else (hair, arms and legs) were piped on after.

I hope you like them, Sydney! Happy birthday!


Cake cookies, or just another way to say mazel tov!


I just love orange and pink together, it’s so Laugh-In.

Thanks to Linda’s Edible Art for the wedding cake idea and thanks to Bearfoot Baker for showing me how to make flowers!

I can do any color combo, of course as well as different designs on the cakes. We are only limited by our imagination.