Cake cookies, or just another way to say mazel tov!


I just love orange and pink together, it’s so Laugh-In.

Thanks to Linda’s Edible Art for the wedding cake idea and thanks to Bearfoot Baker for showing me how to make flowers!

I can do any color combo, of course as well as different designs on the cakes. We are only limited by our imagination.


Owls and My Fall Colors


I just had to buy this cookie cutter from Whisked Away Cutters that was designed by Sweet Sugarbelle. She made these owls with it. (Thanks for the design inspiration!) I’ve had visions of Fall colors swirling in my head, though not the typical reds and oranges.


I saw rich jewel tone turquoise and saturated golden yellow with a little touch of coral. And so I do what one does, and made a cookie.


Waiting for wings

I can make these in any color combo. Custom is in my business name after all!


Russian Dolls, a line-up of cute


I mean, who doesn’t love a nesting doll?

I love a good Matryoshka doll set. AND they nest? I’m not really sure what more you could want in a toy. My mother-in-law has the cutest set ever and while we were visiting her recently, my little pookies could NOT get enough. They really went crazy for “Teeny Weeny” who, as my MIL’s story goes, is always crying for her mommy.

They can relate.

I was trying to work out how to get a good circle for the faces. (Anyone out there who can free-hand a circle?) So I grabbed my #whatever piping tip for the smaller dolls. Remember when we talked about improvising? I iced them, then filled in the circles after the outer layer was dry. For the larger dolls, I used a Wilton gel color lid.


For the Teeny Weenies, I did the opposite and piped the face circle first. I didn’t have a circle impression small enough, but a dot that small kind of takes care of itself. After the face was dry, I filled out the rest. (They are so cute and about 1.5 inches tall!)



Panda Sugar Skulls


Everything looks better with a filter, right?

I have been waiting for my skull cutter, I am dying to make Day of the Dead sugar skulls. After seeing all of the INCREDIBLE ones already out there (nothing is original in the cookie-verse it seems), I thought I might try a little something different in the meantime. I’ve always loved the animal calaveras, and I love pandas so, ok!

I googled sugar skull panda and lots of tattoo images came up. Seems to be a popular thing with which to tattoo oneself. Then I googled sugar skull panda cookies and would you believe that nothing came up?! I couldn’t.  (Later I googled panda calavera and THIS came up. This beautiful image may have knocked the piping bag right out of my hand had I seen it before! Wowsa.)

While at the cookie store, I looked for a teddy bear head cookie cutter. They had none. Amazon had one FOR 20+ DOLLARS! I mean, copper gifts, you are great but…

Anyway, the owner had a cat head and just rounded the little ears around a dowel for me. Fantastic right? But it didn’t quite have the cutsie effect of the baby panda with disproportionately large ears. But I bought it and thought I could try a couple of options., maybe a Mama bear and baby bear.

So I got home and went to work with these two guys.


There’s a lot you can do with circles.


This trick (cutting into a shape with the shape you want to insert) I learned from, Sweet Sugar Belle, Bearfoot Baker, Bake at 350, SweetAmbs…I can’t remember exactly which blog I saw it on first, but if you need advice, these are your gals.


Just a little edible marker to draw the eye sockets…nothing short of a wonky freehand


The panda is emerging

The panda is emerging

Then I filled in the white and added some broken transfers that I was too impatient to let dry properly…and some less than perfect piping…and voila’!

So these were for fun and practice, I am trying to get over my mortal fear of piping. It’s happening. I have figured out a proper consistency and am getting better.

Now please, if you haven’t yet, go on over here and see what some REALLY crazy good piping looks like! One day…one day…