5 thoughts on “Hamilton Cookies

  1. If you don’t mind me asking, what are you using here to achieve the gold. I’ve used multiple gold pearl dusts mixed with almond extract on many different color bases and have tried Wilton’s gold spray. I have yet to find the look I am going for! Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated!


    • Hi Tori! I used Rolkem gold with Everclear and painted it on 🙂 After it’s dry, I brush off the bits and crumbs with a clean dry brush. Hope that helps 🙂


      • I have never heard of that but I am looking into it now! It looks soooo much better than anything I have tried! Thank you for responding!!!


    • I am so excited I had to report back. I bought Rolkem gold (that’s what I had not heard of) and used it last night and it is amazing!!!! Soooooo much better than the Wilton stuff I was using. Thank you again for the tip, I now want to put gold on everything!


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