Panda Sugar Skulls


Everything looks better with a filter, right?

I have been waiting for my skull cutter, I am dying to make Day of the Dead sugar skulls. After seeing all of the INCREDIBLE ones already out there (nothing is original in the cookie-verse it seems), I thought I might try a little something different in the meantime. I’ve always loved the animal calaveras, and I love pandas so, ok!

I googled sugar skull panda and lots of tattoo images came up. Seems to be a popular thing with which to tattoo oneself. Then I googled sugar skull panda cookies and would you believe that nothing came up?! I couldn’t.  (Later I googled panda calavera and THIS came up. This beautiful image may have knocked the piping bag right out of my hand had I seen it before! Wowsa.)

While at the cookie store, I looked for a teddy bear head cookie cutter. They had none. Amazon had one FOR 20+ DOLLARS! I mean, copper gifts, you are great but…

Anyway, the owner had a cat head and just rounded the little ears around a dowel for me. Fantastic right? But it didn’t quite have the cutsie effect of the baby panda with disproportionately large ears. But I bought it and thought I could try a couple of options., maybe a Mama bear and baby bear.

So I got home and went to work with these two guys.


There’s a lot you can do with circles.


This trick (cutting into a shape with the shape you want to insert) I learned from, Sweet Sugar Belle, Bearfoot Baker, Bake at 350, SweetAmbs…I can’t remember exactly which blog I saw it on first, but if you need advice, these are your gals.


Just a little edible marker to draw the eye sockets…nothing short of a wonky freehand


The panda is emerging

The panda is emerging

Then I filled in the white and added some broken transfers that I was too impatient to let dry properly…and some less than perfect piping…and voila’!

So these were for fun and practice, I am trying to get over my mortal fear of piping. It’s happening. I have figured out a proper consistency and am getting better.

Now please, if you haven’t yet, go on over here and see what some REALLY crazy good piping looks like! One day…one day…

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